Fur Free Leigh Day of Action

We held a day of action at the end of October in Leigh, handing out leaflets on the cruelty of fur to the public asking that they show compassion in fashion and
not to buy or wear any fur. The focus is on Leigh as unfortunately several shops in Leigh on sea broadway and in some nearby roads sell real fur. The ones we know that definitely sell Fur are
Just Fox, Left Bank Six and Echo Dress Agency and we ask that people boycott these shops until they stop selling Fur.

We had a good response from the public and the kids loved the giant rabbit that helped us with the event, some of the local shops were supportive too and agreed to display some leaflets.
Thank you to everyone that helped and to the Oaktree Market for their support by giving us a free hot drink. More details on how to help with our campaign to be announced soon.

Fur Free Leigh 1

Fur Free Leigh 2

Fur Free Leigh 3

Fur Free Leigh 4

Fur Free Leigh 5