Turkeys in need appeal- Save a life this Christmas

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary have the opportunity to rescue some Turkeys from a farm this Christmas, here’s an excerpt from Fiona with more details:

If you want to save a life for Christmas you can do this by sponsoring a rescue turkey. This life will be saved because of you and your donation. We will post the pictures of the birds when they arrive and you can even name one if you wish. This will take place on 12th December.

It’s a way of directly saving a life in a very ‘hands on’ and proactive way. No, it’s not ideal that we should have to do this or that any animals are in this situation but the facts are they are and this is a way of ending that for at least a few.

We can all work towards a better future for all animals everywhere but in the meantime we have to think of the here and the now.

One lady has just written to me and asked to sponsor a rescue. She said she found it to be a way of kicking back in frustration at all the murder and horror of the so called ‘festive’ season. A season which purports to be filled with love and kindness but is celebrated by the many with cruelty and ignorance.

I have posted the link below but basically, you can sponsor a turkey in two ways. You can donate £25 which will pay for the initial ‘liberation’ or any amount on monthly basis to pay for the on-going care and feed of a little one.


Turkeys in need 2